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Our Commitment:

When you purchase a bag of Halē Kai Lana Kona Coffee you can be sure it is always 100% Kona Coffee. Period. We will never take the rare, precious, and limited-supply of this wonderful coffee bean and dilute it with common, inferior, or lower costing beans in order to increase profits. We are all about quality and will never compromise.While you are enjoying a decadent cup of Halē Kai Lana Kona Coffee you can be certain it is from the best, top-quality, premium Kona Coffee Beans available.

*A portion of the proceeds from sales of our products will be donated to the Japan Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami victims as well as local Kona community organizations.

"Mahalo nui loa"(Thank you very much)
and enjoy your
Halē Kai Lana Coffee.

At Halē Kai Lana we are committed to consistently providing the best Kona Coffee possible! While starting on our “Quest for the perfect cup of Kona Coffee”, we looked at the factors required to produce the “perfect cup” and worked backwards from there.

There is a lot that goes into creating a great cup of coffee,
the primary factors are:

  • Love your coffee trees - proper care of all our trees is number one

  • Maintenance – This includes fertilizing, weeding, pruning, cleaning (removing dead or over-ripened fruit), diligently combatting pests and diseases, etc.

  • Retain the best, most-experienced farm hands to maintain and harvest our crops

  • Sort and select the best quality cherry and remove the lesser-quality cherry so that optimal flavor is guaranteed

  • Processing – Use experienced processors with state-of-the art equipment

  • Sun-dry coffee cherry

  • Fresh roast beans, based on orders

  • Package and ship right away to ensure quick delivery to our customers

The story behind HALĒ KAI LANA
"Floating House in the Sea"

Our family's story begins in the beautiful South Kona region of Kealakekua Bay (Napo’opo’o Village) where our home, Kealakekua Halē, once stood. The home was also fondly referred to by the locals as "The Pole House" and "Big Blue" as nicknamed by some of our guests. We have many fond memories of Kealakekua Halē and are pleased that so many others were able to create their own great memories there as well. The beauty of the area, the graciousness of the Hawaiian people, the rich culture and traditions, and of course, the incomparable coffee have always been the high points for so many. Unfortunately, on March 11, 2011, Kealakekua Halē was "swept away" into the bay by the Japan Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. Fortunately, there was no loss of life in Hawaii, for which we are truly thankful. Our hearts go out to the people of Japan as this disaster and the losses they have endured are beyond words. We reminisce of our mornings (and evenings) sitting on the lanai, looking out across the bay towards the Captain Cook Monument, enjoying the finest coffee in the world, 100% Kona. Although Kealakekua Halē was swept away, we have found a new focus; offering a taste of Hawaii to the world through this rare, exotic delicacy.

Our family would like you to share the pure satisfaction of
an exquisite cup of coffee with us and
"Get Swept Away . . ."